IT Outsourcing

   The Company provides services for sending employees with IT expertise to control, supervise, and modify various basic systems at the site that customers need to support the IT line for customers, thereby reducing the burden of management, recruitment, and selection of IT personnel, including risk management that will occur in the future. The company has personnel who provide services to customers who have expertise in the following aspects: 1) IT Support, 2) IT Helpdesk, 3) Programmer.
The company provides IT staff in the field with details of expertise in various fields as follows:

Customer’s Benefits

   Outsource employees are managed by NAT Head Office's Section Manager who is responsible for IT Outsource Management, which can reduce the cost both directly and indirectly by taking care of employees in terms of benefits, recruitment of substitutes, bonus payments, etc.

1) IT Support

   The Company provides comprehensive services for computer and peripheral equipment, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of Windows operating system, including the use of software, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting of LAN system usage within the organization, consulting on the use and maintenance of equipment and networks, preparing usage information, repairing or other information necessary for IT management.

2) IT Helpdesk

   To be a single point of contact or a center for reporting incidents, answer questions and provide information or answer to support inquiry and solve basic usage problems via Remote Access. Able to prepare daily and monthly summary reports of service requests based on IT Service Management System on customer site.

3) Programmer

   The company's team specializes in developing programs using tools such as JavaScript, PHP, NET, Sea sharp and HTML, etc., and has specialized knowledge such as Programmer, App Developer, Tester, Web designer, etc. to code programs according to customer needs.

Principles of recruiting quality employees to outsource at location services.
1) Matched Requirement

   Study and ensure qualification match the job description the customer needs. Survey Check List is conducted to identify employees who can work effectively while interviewing candidates. 

2) Skill Preparation

   Outsourcing who passed, interviewed and qualified will be equipped with necessary skills for use in that position and attend training in necessary areas, such as safety training who are assigned to work on site in the production sector, etc. Interview and assessment based on employee experience to find employees with the right skills for the job they need.

3) Role & Responsibility Check before onsite

   There are roles & responsibilities for employees to acknowledge before entering the work site, such as using the system, (Service Level Agreement) SLA that customers operation required, and have supervisors who have knowledge and ability to manage to ensure that each function is carried out smoothly and can always give advice when employees need assistance whether soft or technical skills.

4) Evaluation

   The Company has criteria for standardized annual employee evaluation by asking for ratings from direct supervisors and informing employees of strengths and weaknesses for development in the next year.

Cabling System

We provide Cabling Services, LAN, Electrical and Telephone System Indoor and Outdoor. Furthermore, the Installation Service Network / Power / Telephone / Fiber Optic Signal cabling system is considered as the basic system for communicating signals between various devices in the computer system, so planning the signal cabling system is the priority that the company must consider. The company has a team of experts who provide advice, planning, design, as well as project control to ensure that all customers' work is in accordance with the standards.

Mechanical and Electronic: M&E

The services encompass a range of aspects including custom renovation incorporating Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) works and system installation into the interior design to ensure optimal functionality and efficiency to enhance the overall operation and comfort of the space.

We provide the following services:

  • Design solutions and facilitating office relocations
  • Budget Planning & Estimating
  • Conducting on-site assessments
  • Furniture Delivery and Installation
  • Warranty and Guarantee coverage

The objective is to deliver tailored interior design and renovation solutions that enhance the functionality and visual appeal of the space while considering cost-effectiveness and durability.